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SGA Jeff Thiel— Hard Work Pays Off


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Jeff Thiel is a State General Agent for American Income Life in St. Louis, Missouri. From a family of farmers, Jeff knew he wanted a career where he could advance based on hard work instead of seniority. After graduating from college, Jeff began selling real estate until the housing market crashed. Jeff decided to explore new career options, and that’s when he came across AIL.


During his interview, Jeff learned of the concept of commission and renewals using real estate terms. When you sell a house you get commission, and when the owner makes their mortgage payment you get paid again. The interviewer expressed that the same was true with selling insurance. After that, Jeff was sold on insurance sales.


Transitioning to American Income Life was the greatest decision Jeff ever made. He applied the hard work he was accustomed to and, within a matter of years, opened his own Office. According to Jeff, American Income Life is the best career on the market!


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